Easter Bunny craft project

Easter Bunny craft project
Easter Bunny craft project

Easter Craft Projects - Easter Bunny

Size: 4 1/2" wide; 8" tall

What you need: Pattern (bottom of page); pencil; ruler; paper for patterns; scissors; dressmaker's tracing (carbon) paper; dry ball-point pen (optional); embroidery needle; sewing machine with zigzag stitch; steam iron.

Materials: For each bunny you will need white brushed velour-type fabric, 12" x 18". Scrap of pink felt. Lightweight cotton print fabric, large scrap. Embroidery floss, small amounts black and pink. Fiberfill. Ribbon to match cotton print, 1/8" wide, 12". Sewing thread to match cotton print; also white and pink. One white 1"-diameter acrylic pompon. Pink crayon. Note: For boy bunny trousers only, you will need two 5/16"-diameter pearl buttons.

What to do: (For each bunny)

1.Connect the pattern grid lines across the patterns with a pencil and ruler. Enlarge patterns; each square is equal to 1". Compete the half patterns, indicated by the dash lines.

2. Mark two bodies and four outer ears on white fabric, leaving about 1/2" between pieces. Embroider face on one body piece for front. Draw face freehand with pencil. Use 3 strands pink for nose and mouth, black for eyes. Cut out all the pieces allowing1/4" for seam allowance.

3. Cut 2 inner ears from pink felt, without adding seam allowance. Pin each inner ear to an outer ear, centered on right side with straight bottom edges even; topstitch with pink thread close to felt edges, for front. Pin each remaining outer ear to a front ear with right sides facing and edges even. Stitch with 1/4" seam, leaving bottom open. Clip curves; turn right side out. Pinch each ear at bottom, creating small pleat; baste pleats. Pin ears to top of head on front body, matching raw edges and with inner ears against face. Pin bodies together with right sides facing, edges even, and ears between; sew all around with 1/4" seam, leaving an opening for turning along one side of body. Clip curves; turn right side out; stuff firmly with fiberfill. Turn in raw edges and slip-stitch opening closed.

4. Dress: From cotton print, cut one 3 1/2" x 22" skirt and 2 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" straps. On each strap, press one long edge 1/2" to back and opposite edge 1/4" to back twice. Use wide zigzag stitch to sew down center of each strap, securing edges. Sew short ends of skirt together with right sides facing and edges even, making 1/4" seam. Press one long edge 1/4" to back twice; topstitch edge with matching thread, for hem. Turn under 1/2" on remaining raw edge and press. Sew small basting stitches through both layers 1/4" from fold, then gather to fit around bunny. Slip skirt onto bunny; knot basting threads. Place straps over bunny's shoulders with ends under skirt. Tack straps and skirt to body all around waist.

5. Trousers: Make 2 straps as for dress. Using pattern, cut 2 trousers from cotton print, adding 1/4" seam allowance along inner edges and 1/2" seam allowance along top and bottom edges. Fold leg bottoms 3/4" to wrong side: stitch in place with wide zigzag stitch. Sew trousers together along curved edges for front and back seams; sew inseams. Fold up bottom of trouser legs 1/2", for cuffs; press. Press waist edge 1/2" to wrong side; baste and gather waist as for dress. Sew 2 buttons to trousers front; tack straps and trousers to bunny around waist as for dress.

6. Finishing: Use pink crayon to rouge cheeks. Tie ribbon in a bow around neck.

Pattern: 1 square = 1"