Easter Egg Dolls

Easter Egg Dolls
Easter Egg Dolls

Easter Craft Projects - Easter Egg Dolls

What you need: Blown out egg shell; paint for facial features; paper muffin cups (pastel colors); 1/4" wide ribbon (or yarn); toilet tissue roll center cardboard tube; tape or glue; scissors.

What to do:

1. Paint a face on the blown out egg.

2. Take a paper muffin cup and fold it almost completely in half for a bonnet.

3. Insert a piece of ribbon or yarn in the fold of the paper muffin cup bonnet to tie bonnet onto egg head. Tie the bonnet on the egg head. If necessary, apply a small amount of glue at top of head to hold bonnet in place. Make a bow in front with the ribbon or yarn strings.

4. Body: Cut the centers out of 4 to 6 paper muffin cups.

5. Slip the cups upside down over the cardboard tube, taping or gluing each one in place. Allow each cup to overlap the last creating a tiered skirt.

6. Glue the egg head to the top of the tube.