Confetti Eggs & Cascarones

Confetti Eggs & Cascarones
Confetti Eggs & Cascarones


Easter Craft Projects - Confetti Eggs "Cascarones"


This delightful Easter egg project was kindly contributed by: Patricia Anna Fierros-Bye. Please contact Patricia with any questions regarding this project.


  • Dozens of hollow, clean and dry intact egg shells
  • A recipe/ingredients for liquid egg dye
  • Bright colored tissue paper cut into Quarter-size circles
  • white glue
  • confetti

To Make: 1. Gather eggs: Many weeks before Easter begin collecting the whole shells by this method:

  • Hold the egg in palm and with a knife make a small crack at the top.
  • Gently tease this cracked top off and shake the contents out (to be used for baking).
  • Thoroughly rinse the hollow shell and with the knife gently "pop" the pithy-like air pocket located inside the shell usually at the opposite end of the hole.
  • Turn with hole-side down on a paper towel and allow to thoroughly dry.
  • When dry, place the hollow shells in original egg container and save until at least two dozen egg shells have been collected.
  • When a desired number of eggs have been collected it is time to dye them.

2. Dye Process: Dye them in the same way hard boild eggs are dyed.

  • The hollow shells will fill with the colored water and can be drained when removed from dye bath.
  • Drain with hole-side down on paper towels until thoroughly dry.
  • When the shells are completely dry it is time to fill the eggs with confetti.

3. To Assemble:

  • Using a paper funnel or a small spoon, scoop a generous amount of confetti into each egg.
  • Next, seal the eggs using glue and tissue circles. Using your finger, dipped into a small amount of glue, rub around the opening edge of the egg and then gently apply a bright contrasting tissue circle.
  • Allow time for glue to dry and store in egg cartons.

On Easter day hide the eggs as you would plastic or boiled ones and allow the children to find them. When found, the child then secretly approaches another person and pops the egg over their head (by smashing it into their head--never the face) of the unsuspecting "victim" causing the confetti to be released swirling all over. Cracking cascarones on the head is not painful and the confetti/egg shells are easily removed from the hair by shaking head in the wind. It really is fun! Every year you will find that you will have to make more and more! I hope you enjoy!