Party Place Cards

Party Place Cards
Party Place Cards

Halloween Craft Projects - Party Place Cards

What you need: Construction paper white and Halloween colors (For adult parties use blank invitations); Marker pencils; Halloween stickers; Paints.

What to do: Note: The most important part of this idea is to be certain to tell your guests that they must bring a Halloween treat.

1. Cut (3 x 4") squares from white construction paper .

2. Fold the squares in half.

3. Place a Halloween sticker in the upper right or left hand corner of what you decide will be the front of your place card.

4. Write the guest's name with markers on the center, front of the place cards.

5. Place a random guest's name on the inside of the place card.

6. As the guests arrive they must give their treat to the person who's name is inside their place card.

Contributed by: D. Lesser