Halloween Yarn Wig

Halloween Yarn Wig
Halloween Craft Ideas - Halloween Yarn Wig
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Halloween Craft Projects - Yarn Wig


What you need: Bed Pillow; 1 skein of yarn (color of choice); sewing machine; 1 piece of sturdy fabric (4" x 5").

What to do:

1. Wrap the yarn loosely around the pillow width or lengthwise ( depending on the length you desire) about 200-250 times.

2. Cut through one looped end of the wrapped yarn and lay the long strings aside.

3. Cut 50-60 pieces of yarn about 4-5" long for bangs.

4. Sew the bangs securely onto one of the 4" ends of the fabric.

5. Sew 50-60 pieces of the long yarn (folded in half) onto the other 4" end of fabric.

6. Wrap the remainder of the yarn lengthwise across the fabric for the sides of the wig and stitch a seam along the center of the fabric as a part in the wig. Be sure the yarn covers the fabric and seams from bangs and back.

7. Trim fabric and yarn if necessary and attached wig to hair with hair pins tucked beneath the yarn wig.