Magician's Cape

Magician's Cape
Magician's Cape

Free Halloween Craft Projects - Magician's Cape

Cut a 35" length of black crepe paper and a piece of contrasting color for a lining. Staple the pieces together at the corners.

For the collar, cut a piece of black crepe paper, 16" x 20". Fold the collar in half, lengthwise, open out and fold edges to center. fold over at center. Gather the top of the cape and fit it between the folded edges of the collar; staple in place.

Turn collar points down and staple in place on cape. Staple cape together down both sides of front.

For a fastener on the cape, insert paper fasteners on both top edges of cape for button; reinforce inside with squares of cardboard. Hook a paper clip chain over the buttons. Cover prongs of fasteners with tape.



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