Basic Costume Dress

Basic Costume Dress
Basic Costume Dress



Halloween Craft Projects - Basic Dress Costume

What you need: (2-4 yds. of fabric (depending on size of child); Sewing materials; i.e., thread, scissors needle, etc.

Note: This basic pattern may be used for many different costumes. Add 2" of material to all pieces for hemming.


1. Measure from the tops of the fingers while arms are extended to nape of neck for sleeves. (sleeves =16" wide)

2. Measure height from collar bone to floor for body.

3. For width, measure hip size and add 5" to half of measurement.

2. Here are two simple diagrams to make a pattern for the dress.


3. Fold the material in half with the selvages together. This pattern will be for half of the dress.

4. Draw the pattern on the bottom diagram onto the material, and cut it out. Repeat steps these last two steps for the other half of the dress.

6. Cut a small half circle 4" across out of the top center of material for the neck opening.

7. Cut a 4" slit from the circle down the back.

8. Place the two pieces of material together with the right sides facing each other and sew the shoulder, arm, and side seams.

9. Turn under the 2" of extra material on each sleeve and on the bottom of the dress for the hems and sew.

10. Turn under about 1/2" of material on the neck edge and along the slit and sew. Sew a snap or button to close the slit at the neck edge.

11. You may use a belt or make one from the same material.

Put on your witch hat, grab a broom and off you go.