Hearts Afghan

Hearts Afghan
Afghan Knitting Pattern



Knitting Patterns - Hearts Afghan Pattern

Finished size approximately 48" x 60"


Worsted weight yarn (57) oz. (1,620 grams, 3,825 yds)

Straight knitting needles, size 8 (5.00mm) or size needed for gauge

Crochet hook size H

Yarn needle

Gauge: In stockinette stitch, 18 stitches and 24 rows = 4"

This afghan is done in squares. (20 squares)

Cast on 59 sts.

Rows 1-8: K1, (P1, K1) across.

Row 9 (Right side): K1, (P1, K1) twice, P6, K1, (P 11, K1) 3 times, P6, K1, (PI, K1) twice.

Row 10: (K1, P1) twice, K6, P3, (K9, P3) 3 times, K6,

(P1, K1) twice.

Row 11: K1, (P1, K1) twice, P5, K3, (P9, K3) 3 times, P5, K1, (P1, K1) twice.

Row 12: (K1, P1) twice, K5, P5, (K7, P5) 3 times, K5, (P1, K1) twice.

Row 13: K1, (P1, K1) twice, P3, K7, (P5, K7) 3 times, P3, K1, (P1, K1) twice.

Row 14: (K1, P1) twice, K3, (P9, K3) 4 times, (P1, K1) twice.

Row 15: K1, (P1, K1) twice, P2, K9, (P3, K9) 3 times, P2, K1, (P1, K1) twice.

Row 16: Repeat Row 14.

Row 17: K1, (P1, K1) twice, P2, K4, P1, K4, (P3, K4, PI, K4) 3 times, P2, K1, (P1, K1), twice.

Row 18: K1, (P1, K1) twice, (P1, K2, P2, K3, P2, K2) 4 times, (P1, K1) 3 times.

Row 19: (K1, P1) twice, K2, P 11, (K1, P 11) 3 times, K2, (P1, K1) twice.

Row 20: Repeat Row 15.

Row 21: Repeat Row 14.

Row 22: Repeat Row 13.

Row 23: Repeat Row 12.

Row 24: Repeat Row 11.

Rows 25 and 26: Repeat Rows 10 and 11.

Row 27: K1, (P1, K1) twice, (P1, K4, P3, K4) 4 times, (P1, K1) 3 times.

Row 28: (K1, P1) twice, K3, (P2, K2, P1, K2, P2, K3) 4 times, (PI, K1) twice.

Rows 29-78: Repeat Rows 9-28 twice, then repeat Rows 9-18 once more.

Rows 79-86: K1, (P1, K1) across.

Bind off all sts leaving last loop on needle.

Edging: Drop loop from needle, insert crochet hook in loop, do not turn; work 3 sc in each corner and 48 sc evenly spaced across each side; join with slip st to first sc, finish off.

Assembly: Afghan is assembled by joining 5 completed squares into 4 vertical strips and then by joining strips. Lay out squares in desired order. Join squares as follows: With right sides together, insert yarn needle from right to left through front loop of first square and back loop of second square. Bring the needle around and insert it from right to left through the next loop on both squares. Continue in this manner, keeping the sewing yarn fairly loose.

Border: With right side facing, join yarn with slip st in any corner; ch 1, sc evenly around Afghan working 3 sc in each corner; join with slip st to first sc, finish off.