Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch
Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch Instruction (Also called Tenneriffe Lace, Snowflaking & Amish Embroidery)

Discover the breathtaking elegance of an antique craft, Chicken Scratch. The sophisticated beauty and delicate designs produce an effect of hand-woven lace on gingham.

The exact origin of this craft is unclear, but probably dates back to early America. As the pioneer's moved west, they took this craft to new horizons. Hence, all the different names. Even during the Depression, ladies decorated simple gingham gowns and proclaimed their stitchery "Hoover Lace."

Embroidery floss in matching colors and white is used most often. It creates a satin-like lacy pattern n top of the gingham. Adjust ply to your preference. To achieve a heavy lace effect, use more ply; for a delicate lacy effect, use fewer ply.

Use a needle with a long eye and a sharp point, such as a number 20 chenille or number 5 embroidery needle. Use a sharp pointed needle for starburst and straight stitches and a blunt point tapestry needle for the diamonds.



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