Chicken Scratch 2

Chicken Scratch 2
Chicken Scratch Lessons


Chicken Scratch Continued......

To determine fabric size needed, count the number of squares on the pattern, divide by the square count of your fabric (4 for 1/4 inch or 8 for 1/8 inch). Allow a border for mounting or stitching and leave enough fabric to stretch fabric in a hoop. Usually 4 to 8 inches on each side will be sufficient.

For marking center of fabric, fold cloth in half and then in fourths. Mark center with a pin. Begin "counting" design from center.

To work with floss, cut strands into 36 inch lengths. Next, separate the 6 strands of floss as needed for your design. For 1/4 inch gingham, use 3 ply; for 1/8 inch, use 2 ply.

Before beginning, be sure your hands are completely clean. Place fabric in wooden hoop, keeping fabric pulled taut. Make tight knot in floss. Pull each stitch tight, being careful not to pucker the fabric. End floss by tying another knot. Cut off long hanging threads.

Look at your fabric carefully. There are three types of squares - solid dark, solid white and a medium color.

Work Dark Starburst (black circles) on the white squares to outline design. Stitch an "X", then a "+" on top to form an asterisk ( * ).

Work White Starburst ( X ) on the dark squares to fill in the lace design. Stitch and "x", then a "+" on top to form asterisk ( * ).

Stitch Straight Stitches ( - ) and ( | ) on the medium squares.

For the Diamond Stitches ( O ), weave needle underneath each straight stitch to form a diamond. DO NOT stitch any fabric, just go under the floss. Go around diamond twice. Do not pull floss to tight, just taut enough to see diamond shape over the white squares of the fabric.

For a change of pace, try reverse chicken scratching. Our Christmas tree with French knots is an example. Use white floss on dark squares for the outlining starbursts. The inner portion of the design is worked in the dark floss with the dark squares showing through the diamonds. French knots in the center of each diamond add a colorful, festive look when worked in a contrasting color.

Work the bell with white embroidery floss and the dark squares showing through the diamonds. A straight stitch was used for outlining the entire bell. The hanger can be worked in chain or outline stitch. Continue