Embroidery Stitches Part 2

Embroidery Stitches Part 2
Embroidery Stitches Part 2
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Step by Step Decorative Embroidery Stitches Continued


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Lazy Daisy Stitch---Bring needle up at inner point of petal, hold thread toward you. Thrust needle down at inner point of petal, 1 or 2 threads to right of point where thread emerges; bring point of needle out at outer end of petal, going over thread. Draw loop up to cover petal, thrust needle down outside of loop to fasten it in place. Bring needle out at inner point of next petal to left or right.

Cross Stitch--- Crosses are stamped on material, or a design may be worked on material of a uniform weave like monk's cloth, or on checked gingham. Make slanting stitch from lower left to upper right corner of cross. Make a second slanting stitch from lower right to upper left corner of cross. All crosses should be worked the same way to give a uniform appearance to the work. In working long rows with the same color, all stitches slanting in one direction may be made across the row, then work back, crossing all stitches in the other direction.

Double Overcasting---With a heavy corded embroidery thread, overcast the turned hem edge with even, slanting stitches one-fourth inch deep. Finish edge, turn fabric, and work a second row, matching the stitches at each end.

Double Overcasting Stitch (left diagram)

Couching Stitch---Hold a heavy thread or cord or several threads along the line to be followed. Bring needle, threaded with finer thread, up close to cord. Thrust needle down on opposite side of cord to make a stitch at right angles to it. Bring needle up to left in position for another right angle stitch. Continue taking stitches over cord, spacing them evenly.

Interesting effects of the couching stitch may be achieved by working over several threads in (A) blanket stitch, (B) chain stitch and the (C) feather stitch.

Bokhara Couching Stitch---The thread to be couched is laid across the space from left to right; using the same thread fasten down with small slanting stitches at even intervals. Practice and enjoy this wonderful craft.

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