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Free Kids Craft Projects: Lots of fun, creative arts and crafts for kids to make here. Browse our large selection of unique crafts for kids. Some are easy, some more challenging but all are great fun.


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Kids Crafts

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Christmas Clothespin Angels
I know there are alot of clothespin angels out there, but this is an easy version that your kids can make. I think they look great on the Ch ...
Christmas Hairstyles
Create fun Christmas Hairstyles with the free tutorial from Thirty Handmade Days!
Clay Heart Tag
Clay Heart Tag with the free tutorial from At The Picket Fence!
Clay Pot Snowmen
This darling snowman and snowwoman make the perfect couple. All bundled up for a cold winter's day, and so easy, the kids can make them too!
Clothespin Angel Ornament
Old-fashioned wooden clothespins are a traditional favorite crafting supply, and they make great bases for these angel ornaments. You can ma ...
Clothespin Centerpiece
This cute little planter clothespin craft is a great way to recycle old cans from your recycling bin and makes a great gift for Spring. It c ...
Clothespin Dragonfly
Clothespins are great to have on hand for crafting. Give a kid some clothespins and a large craft stick and they will have this cute little ...
Clothespin Snowmen
These little snowman ornaments are easy to make. The kids will have a ball and can hang their creation on the tree this year, or anywhere el ...
Coffee Filter Angel
This cute angel craft is perfect for little ones. There are no small features to worry about, just a pretty and simple design that will brin ...
Collage Posters
    Craft Project For Kids - Collage Posters   What you need: Rick-rack, ribbon, yarn or other trim; poster board; felt scra ...
Colorful Kids Beaded Necklace
Create a cute and colorful necklace with the free tutorial from Pandahall!
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