Magic Star Wand

Magic Star Wand
Magic Star Wand

Craft Project For Kids - Magic Star Wand

What you need: Styrofoam; 4" to 5" square; Star cookie cutter (or star pattern); 1 long straight sipping straw (painted, straight stick may be used for a more sturdy wand.); silver or gold glitter; craft glue; 3 or 4 strips of scrap ribbon, color of choice, 8" to 10" long.

What to do:

1. If using cookie cutter, cut a star from the styrofoam. If using pattern ask for grown up assistance to cut the star pattern from the styrofoam.

2. Coat one side of the star and the edges with white craft glue and sprinkle with gold or silver glitter. Allow to dry completely then do the same on back side of star.

3. Insert the sipping straw into base of star taking care not to bend the straw. Note: You can also use a straight stick painted your color of choice for the wand. This will be much more sturdy than the straw.

4. Tie the ribbons together at one end and glue the knotted end to the base of the star where the straw or stick has been inserted.