Bunny Bank

Bunny Bank
Bunny Bank

Crafts For Kids - Bunny Bank

What you need: Large round plastic container with lid; glue; Styrofoam ball (for head); felt scraps; small pompoms; toothpicks.

1. Have an adult cut a slit in the back of the container towards the top (to put coins into the bank.)

2. Turn the plastic container upside down with the lid on it.

3. Glue the styrofoam ball on the top center of the container.

4. Glue cut felt pieces (or beads) and glue on face of styrofoam ball for eyes, nose and mouth.

5. Cut two ears from felt and glue on top of head.

6. Cut a bowtie and buttons from felt and glue along the front of the container just below the head.

7. Glue two pompoms on both sides of the buttons for bunny paws.

8. Glue pompom on back of container toward bottom for bunny tail.

9. Stick the toothpicks into the styrofoam ball on both sides of the nose for whiskers.