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Bible Crafts
Bible Crafts

Kids Craft Projects - Bible Crafts

These 3 Bible Craft Projects were kindly contributed by: Visit their site for all your craft supply needs at discount prices.

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1. Get Wild About Jesus Door Hangers

What are you wild about? These door hangers are perfect for camp and special interest groups.

You need:

  • Orange Card Stock Door Hanger
  • Wild Animal Stickers
  • Markers


Assemble the wild animal faces on the door hanger. Write your saying on the door hanger using markers. Draw vines and leaves all around the the rest of the door hanger.

2. Yarn Crosses Make a yarn cross and hang it up for a decoration or add some yarn for a necklace.

You need:

  • Multi-colored yarn
  • Mini Craft Stick
  • Craft Stick
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  • Tacky Glue
  • Gemstones


Hot glue yarn end to one end of the craft stick. Coat the stick lightly with tacky glue. Wrap yarn around the stick covering completely. Trim end. Hot glue end in place. Repeat with a mini craft stick.

Hot glue mini stick across the craft stick to form a cross. Decorate with gemstones.

3. Bible Ornaments Make brightly colored ornaments... enough to cover your entire tree. Great for Sunday schools.

You Need:

  • Foamie Circles and Ovals
  • Bible Foamies
  • Metallic Cord
  • Hole Punch

Our project prepack makes 200 ornaments!


Punch a hole near the edge of each circle and oval. Decorate with bible foamie stickers. Cut 6" of cord. Loop the cord through ornament and tie off with a double knot. If you prefer, you can just glue the cord on.

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