Fall Leaf Turkey

Fall Leaf Turkey
Fall Leaf Turkey

Kids Craft Projects - Fall Leaf Turkey

This delightful kids craft project was kindly contributed by designer Julie Barros of Cool Kids Craft Ideas. Please email Julie with any questions regarding this project. Visit Julie's site for more kids craft ideas like this one.

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This is a fun fall twist to a traditional turkey craft. With some colorful fall leaves and simple craft foam or paper, you can have a cool looking turkey for Thanksgiving.

Fall Leaf Turkey


Brown, yellow, red and orange craft foam or paper

Fall leaves of different sizes and colors (these can be real or plastic)

Wiggle Eyes




  1. Cut out a turkey head and body using the brown foam or paper. (image 1)

  2. Arrange the leaves in the pattern you want with the larger ones in back and smaller ones in front. Glue these together in your pattern making sure it is the right size for the turkey that you cut out.

  3. Glue the leaves to the back of the turkey.

  4. Glue on two wiggle eyes on the turkey's head.

  5. Cut out an orange beak and glue this below the eyes. Glue only at the top as you will tuck the wattle behind the beak.

  6. Now cut out a wattle using the red paper and glue this underneath the beak.

  7. Cut out two arms using the brown paper and glue these to the sides of the turkey.

  8. Lastly, cut out two feet using the yellow paper and glue these to the bottom of the turkey.