Crazy Beach Towel

Crazy Beach Towel
Crazy Beach Towel

Crafts For Kids - Crazy Beach Towel

What you need: Adult permission; 1 White beach towel; Acrylic paints (pick colors you like); Craft sponges: In a variety of shapes (animals, flowers, hearts, stars, whichever you like; Old plastic fly swatter; old newspapers (for the mess).

What to do: Cover the work area or floor with newspapers

Place your towel completely opened onto the newspaper. If you are using a new towel, be sure to wash it first so it won't be stiff.

Dip your sponges into the paint (not too much paint) and sponge them onto your towel in different places.

Dip the fly swatter into the paint and pat it on some newspaper to clear the paint out of the holes. Pat the fly swatter onto the areas of your towel that do not have a shape on them.

If you are allowed, you may place your hand and feet prints on the towel too.

Let it dry completely.

Help clean up the mess.

Ask Mom if she will sew a pocket on one end of the towel by folding it over and stitching sides and two or three seams evenly spaced across. You can then place your beach things in the pockets and roll it up.