Easy Baby Coverlet

Easy Baby Coverlet
Easy Baby Coverlet
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Free Knitting Patterns - Easy Baby Coverlet


A carriage cover, as attractive on one side as the other, is sure to please both mother and new baby.

Materials: 9 ounces Wintuk Baby yarn, number 7 standard knitting needles and size K crochet hook (for the fringe), this cover measures approximately 32 x 40 inches.


k (knit), St (stitch), p (purl), tog (together), yo (yarn over)

Gauge: 6 sts equal 1 inch (To determine this gauge, use stockinette stitch %uFFFD knit one row, purl one row.)

With number 7 needles, cast on 216 sts.

Row 1: * K 1, yo, k 1 in same st, p 3 tog, repeat from * across row.

Row 2: * P 1, k 3, repeat from * across row.

Row 3: * P 3 tog, k 1, yo, k 1 in same st, repeat from * across row.

Row 4: * K 3, p1, repeat from * across row.

Repeat Rows 1 through 4 until piece measures approximately 32 inches. Bind off.

Note: When joining yarn, knot in at side edge leaving approximately 5 1/2 inch yarn ends. These ends may be tied in with fringe later.

Fringe: Cut yarn into 5 1/2 inch lengths. Fold 6 strands in half to make a loop. Insert size K crochet hook from wrong to right side at one edge of shawl and draw center loops through, then pull all 12 ends through loop and tighten. Tie fringe %uFFFD inch apart around shawl edges.

Steam lightly and trim fringe evenly.



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