Toddler Pullover

Toddler Pullover
Free Knitting Pattern

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Note: Directions are given for size 2 with changes for sizes 3 and 4 in parentheses.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials required are about 4 ounces blue (MC), 2 ounces red (A), 2 ounces white (B) 4-ply Sport Yarn; 1 pair each numbers 3 and 5 standard knitting needles; one set number 3 double pointed needles.

Abbreviations: MC (main Color) p (purl) tog (together) psso (pass slip stitch over) inc (increase) k (knit) st (stitch) sl (slip) dec (decrease)

Gauge: 6 sts equal 1 inch, 7 rows equal 1 inch

Finished Chest Measurement: 21 (22, 23) inches.



Check Pattern St-Row 1: * With color A, k 2, with B, k 2, repeat from * across.

Rows 2, 4: P, working A over A and B over B.

Row 3: * With B, k 2; with A, k 2; repeat from * across.


Pullover Pattern:

Back: Using color A and number 3 needles, cast on 64 (66, 70) sts. Work 5 rows in stockinette (k 1 row, p 1 row). K next row for hem turning.

Change to number 5 needles, continuing in stockinette, work 6 rows with A. Work check pattern st for 8 (10, 10) rows.

With color B work 6 rows in stockinette, fasten off A and B.

Join MC, work in stockinette until entire piece measures 7 1/2 (8, 9) inches, end with p row.

Raglan Armholes Shaping: At beginning of next 2 rows, bind off 3 sts. Fasten off MC, join A, start raglan shaping.

Row 1: K 1, k 2 tog, k to within last 3 sts, sl 1, k 1, psso, k 1.

Row 2: P.

Repeat these last 2 rows, working 6 rows with A, 6 rows with B, remaining rows with MC 15 (16, 17) times more. Sl remaining 26 (26, 28) sts to holder.

Front: Work to correspond to back until 38 (38, 40) sts remain, end with a right side row.

Neck Shaping: P 11, sl center 16 (16, 18) sts to holder, join another ball of yarn, p last 11 sts. Working both sides at once, continue to dec 1 st at each arm edge in same manner as before every other row 6 times more, AT SAME TIME, at each neck edge dec 1 st every other row 5 times, fasten off.

Sleeves: With MC and number 3 needles, cast on 32 (34, 38) sts. K 1, p 1 in ribbing for 1 1/2 inches. Change to number 5 needles, work in stockinette, inc 1 st each end of needle every 3/4 inch 9 (9, 8) times. Work even on 50 (52, 54) sts until entire piece measures 8 1/2 (9 1/2, 10 1/2) inches, end with p row.

Raglan Cap Shaping: At beginning of next 2 rows, bind off 3 sts. Finish in same manner as on back. Sl remaining 12 sts to holder.

Finishing: Sew sleeves to front and back armholes. Sew underarm seams.

Neckband: With double pointed needles, right side facing, pick up 90 (90, 92) sts around neck, including sts from holders. K 1, p 1 in ribbing for 1 inch (or 3 inches for turtle neck). Bind off loosely in ribbing. Block to size.



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