Bed Slippers

Bed Slippers
Bed Slippers - Free Knit Pattern
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Step 1: Getting Started

You can never have too many pairs of adorable home-made slippers!  Knit these handy slippers with reinforced soles for yourself or as a thought hand-made gift for friends and family. They are easy to pack, a nice pair of slippers to travel with, pretty to look at, and great foot warmers. One size fits all.  If you enjoy knitting, you will enjoy creating this clever pair of slippers.


Difficulty: Easy

Materials: About 3 ounces 4-ply worsted weight yarn, number 10 1/2 standard knitting needles; one darning needle.



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Step 2: Pattern Instructions


Pattern: Cast on 29 sts, leaving an allowance of 12 inches of yarn for sewing up heel of slipper.

Row 1: K across.

Row 2: K 9, p l ,k 9, p 1,k 9.

Rows 3 through 26: Repeat rows 1 and 2, with each 2 rows forming pattern, end with row 2.

Row 27: K 10, add extra strand of yarn from smaller ball, k 9 with two strands, drop one strand, k 10 to end of row.

Row 28: With single strand, k 7, p 1, pick up second strand, k 1, inc 1 st, k 9, inc 1 st, k 1, drop extra strand of yarn, p 1, k to end of row-31 sts.

Row 29: K across, adding extra strand only for middle 11 sts.

Continue working 31 sts, adding the extra strand only for middle 11 sts, as for rows 1 and 2, until you have 46 rows. Fasten off extra strand, ending with row 2.

Row 47: K across 31 sts with single strand.

Row 48: K 9, p 1, k 1, k 2 tog (dec), k 2, k 2 tog, k 2, k 2 tog, p 1, k last 9 sts- 28 sts.

Rows 49 through 59: K 2, p 2 across.

Finishing: Fasten off yarn, leaving a strand eighteen inches long on slipper. Thread needle with strand, pull through and draw 28 sts together, continue sewing for 3%uFFFD inches above toe. Sew back of heel with 12-inch strand left at start of work. Draw elastic cord through top of slipper to hold it on foot. Sew pompon on slipper.

Pompon: Make a Pompom and attach to front as show. Make second slipper same.



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