Easy Strip Afghan

Easy Strip Afghan
Afghan Knitting Pattern



Free Knitting Patterns - Easy Strip Afghan


This easily made afghan is knitted in strips and then joined together with single crochet; it is attractive as well as serviceable. The size is about 48 x 70 inches. Use three-fold yarn and size 4 knitting needles. It can be made in any combination of two colors-red and gray, rose and green, beige and brown. The checkerboard or block stitch strip is about 7 inches wide and the moss stitch is about 4 inches wide. Each strip could be worked in sections of two colors or more, if desired.

Block Stitch Strip: Always cast on an even number of sts-for this strip cast on 46 sts in first color.

Row 1: K 5, p 5 across row. Repeat this row 4 times.

Row 6: P 5, k 5 across row. Repeat this row 4 times.

Repeat these 10 rows for pattern until work measures about 70 inches. Work 3 more strips in same manner.

Moss Stitch Strip: Always cast on an uneven number of stitches for moss st, for this trip cast on 29 sts in second color.

Row 1: K 1, p 1 across row. Repeat this row for about 70 inches. work 4 more strips in same manner.

Join moss and block stitch strips alternately with a row of single crochet. Work a row of single crochet around entire afghan after strips are joined; make 2 or 3 sc in each corner.



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