Classic Sweater for Baby or Toddlers

Classic Sweater for Baby or Toddlers
Classic Baby Sweater - Free Knit Pattern

Every baby is special and deserves their very own special hand-made baby sweater.  Whether you are knitting this for your little bundle of joy, or as a thoughtful gift, this baby sweater is sure to become a treasured family heirloom that you can pass from generation to generation.  The sweater knits up nicely, and is a fun way to pass an evening by the fire.  Enjoy!

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Materials: Fleisher Yarn Co in Fleischer Fashions, Volume 75, in 1946.

*Sizes: 6 Months and 1 Year.  Instructions are written for size 6 months, changes for size 1 year are in parentheses. Materials-Fleisher's Wonderized Babyfair, 2 balls; or Fleisher's Baby Zephyr, 3-fold, 2 balls. Bucilla Six-Strand for embroidery. White Knitting Needles, 1 pair each Sizes 1 and 2. Gauge: 8 sts = 1 inch 10 rows = 1 inch


Back-With size 1 needles, cast on 76 (80) sts. Work k 1, p 1 ribbing for 12 rows. With size 2 needles, work stockinette st, p 1 row, k 1 row, for 8 %uFFFD (9 %uFFFD) ins. Slip on holder. Break yarn.

Right Front%uFFFDWith size 1 needles, cast on 50 (52) sts. Work ribbing for 5 rows.

Buttonhole row%uFFFDWork 2 sts, bind off 2, work until 4 sts from bind-off, bind off 2 sts, work to end. Cast on 2 sts over each buttonhole in next row. Work as on back until 7 %uFFFD (8 %uFFFD) ins. above ribbing, repeating buttonholes every 2 1/8 (2 3/8) ins. 3 times, about 20 (22) rows between buttonholes and 16 (18) rows above 4th set of buttonholes, end with p row.

Neck%uFFFDK 26 (27) sts and slip on holder, k 24 (25). Work 7 rows. Weave 24 (25) sts on needle to 24 (25) sts at right side of back.

Left Front%uFFFDWork to correspond to right front, omitting buttonholes and shaping neck on opposite side.

Neck Ribbing%uFFFDStarting at right front edge, slip 26 (27) sts on size 1 needle, join yarn, pick up and k 4 sts on side of neck, k 28 (30) sts of back of neck, pick up and k 4 sts on side of neck, k 26 (27); 88 (92) sts. Work ribbing for 8 rows, repeating buttonholes in 4th and 5th row. Bind off.

Right Sleeve%uFFFDStarting 4 %uFFFD (5 %uFFFD) ins. above back ribbing, with size 2 needle, pick up and k 54 (58) sts in 8 (8 %uFFFD) ins. on armhole edge. Work stockinette st for 5 %uFFFD (6 %uFFFD) ins.

Dec. row--* K 1, k 2 tog; repeat from * to end; 36 (39) sts. With size 1 needles, work ribbing for 1 %uFFFD ins. Bind off. Work left sleeve to correspond. Sew seams. Turn back 6 sts on each front edge and hem, matching buttonholes. Work buttonholes, working through both thicknesses of hem. Steam. Embroider either design, see charts.


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