Popcorn Booties

Popcorn Booties
Popcorn Booties - Knitting Pattern

Free Knitting Patterns - Popcorn Booties

Note: This pattern is continued from the Popcorn Jacket pattern.

Materials: 1 ball Beehive Baby Wool; Two # 12 and 2 # 8 Knitting Needles; 1 # 1 steel crochet hook; 4 yds. of ribbon (for all 3 pieces of this popcorn set).

Pattern: With No. 8 needles cast on 42 sts.

Work 3 ins, even in pattern, ending with 2nd pattern row.

Next row: (eyelets for ribbon). K2. * Wl.fwd. K2tog. Repeat

from * to end of row.

To make foot: K15. P12. K1. Turn.

Next row: K1. *P3tog. (K1. P1. K1) in next st.* Repeat from * to * twice more. K1. Turn.

Working on center 14 sts. and beginning with 2nd pattern row, work 19 rows even in pattern, for toe flap, ending with 3rd pattern row.

Change to No. 12 needles.

Next row: K1. (Inc. 1st. in next St. K3) 3 times. K1. (17 sts. on needle). With right side of work facing, pick up and knit 15 sts. along side of toe flap. Knit remaining 14 sts.

Next row: (K1. P1) 23 times. Pick up and purl 15 sts. along other side of toe flap. (P1. K1) 7 times across remaining 14 sts. (75 sts. on needle).

Work 16 rows Moss st.

Next row: K1. P3tog. (K1. P1) 14 times. K1. P3tog. K1. P1. K1. P3tog. (K1. P1)14 times. K1. P3tog. K1.

Work 3 rows Moss st.

Next row: K1. P3tog. (K1. P1)12 times. K1. P3tog. K1. P1. K1. P3tog. (K1. P1)12 times. K1. P3tog. K1.

Work 1 row even. Cast off loosely in Moss St. Sew back and sole seam. Crochet picot edge around top edge. Thread ribbon through eyelets at ankle.