Sausage Socks

Sausage Socks
Sausage Socks

Free Knitting Patterns - Sausage Socks

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These spiral socks make a warm indoor slipper sock, or they may be worn inside of boots. There is no heel, but they conform to the shape of the foot since they are very flexible. Make them as long as desired, at least twice the length of the child's foot.

Materials: About 4 ounces acrylic sport weight yarn and 1 set number 3 double pointed needles.

Abbreviations: k (knit) p (purl) st (stitch) rnd (round) psso (pass slip stitch over) tog (together)

Gauge: 11 sts equal 2 inches

Pattern: Multiple of 4 sts

Child's Size-3 years and older. Stretches to 7-inch circumference.

Cast on 40 sts. Arrange 12 sts on each of two needles, 16 sts on third needle, being careful not to twist sts.

K 2, p 2 for 20 rnds, or desired length for cuff.

Place safety pin in the ribbing to mark end of rnd. Begin spiral.

Spiral Pattern: P 3, * k 2, p 2, * repeat between * for 3 rnds. At end of 3rd rnd, p 3 instead of p 2. Continue k2, p 2 for 3 rnds. The spiral will progress to the left in small steps.

Move the safety pin up the spiral as work progresses, so that end of rnds can be seen.

Toe Shaping:

K 2 tog so there are 39 sts. Arrange 13 sts on each needle. K one rnd.

Next Rnd: * K 1, sl 1, psso, k to last 3 sts on needle, k 2 tog, k 1, * repeat on other two needles. Continue these 2 rnds until 9 sts remain (3 sts on each needle).

Cut yarn 6 inches long. With large yarn needle, pull the 9 sts tog. Fasten securely. Weave yarn into wrong side.

Make second sock to match.