Leahshells Dishcloth

Leahshells Dishcloth
Leahshells Dishcloth

Free Knitting Patterns - Leahshells Wahcloth

This dishcloth pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Leah of Knittin Fun

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Materials: Size 7 Knitting needles; Sugar N Cream 100% Cotton.

Abbreviations: yo: yarn over; tog: together; rs: right side row; ws: wrong side row.

Pattern: Cast on 51 Row 1: Knit across (rs) Row 2: Purl across (ws) Row 3: K2, *yo, p1, p3 tog, p1, yo, k2. Repeat from * across Row 4: Purl across Repeat this 4 row pattern 13 more times. Bind off on the last purl row Weave in ends and enjoy!! For more delightful patterns like this, click here to visit Leah's design gallery.