Button Knot Bib

Button Knot Bib
Button Knot Bib

Knitting Patterns - Button Knot Bib

Copyright © Catherine M. Ford July, 2007 All Rights Reserved

This clever button-knot-bib, knit pattern was kindly contributed by designer Catherine Ford of CatKnitz. If you have questions regarding this pattern, please Contact Catherine

Size: One

Finished Measurements:

Bib: Approximate, 8©wide, 7© length or ©high© Straps: 9" prior to knots being tied. Length will vary depending on how tight knots are tied.

Materials :

[MC] Tahki Cotton Classic [100%cotton; 108yd/100m per 50g skein] © skein or 45 yards/20grams approx. for bib

[CC1] Tahki Cotton Classic [100% cotton; 108yd/201m per 50g skein] © skein 45 yards/20grams approx. for bib

*[CC2] Optional Tahki Cotton Classic [100% cotton; 108yd/201m per 50g skein] 12-15 yds/5 grams approx. for straps

Tahki Cotton Classic can be machine washed in warm water and dried in the dryer for this application. *Note: CC1 can be used for the i-cord straps instead of a third color (CC2). The straps will contrast with the top band which is knitted in the MC.

US #6/4mm needles, Straight or circular needles may be used

US #6/4mm DPN for i-cord. Circular needle can be used as substitute for dpns in this application

Tapestry needle


20sts/19 garter rib rows = 4 inches/10cm in garter stitch. Note: 20 garter ribs = 4© (they are easier to count than garter rows. A garter rib is 2 rows of garter stitch.) Gauge is not critical for this project but you will want to be somewhat in the ballpark so that the bib comes out the size you want it to.

Pattern Stitch: Pattern Stitch: 8 Rows

With MC Rows 1 and 2: K

With CC1 Row 3 (K1, Sl 1 wyib)* to last st, K1. Be sure to slip the stitch from the left needle to the right needle purlwise so as not to twist the stitch.

Row 4, (when you are returning, you will knit the stitches you knitted in Row 3 and slip the stitches you slipped in Row 3.) (K1, S1 wyif)* to the last st, K1

Do not break yarn while working the stripes; simply strand the yarn up the side of your work. You will be switching colors every other row except at the bottom (before CC1 is tied on) and top of the bib after you are finished with CC1). It will make for a nice clean edge.

With MC Row 5-6 K

W CC1 Row 7-8 K

Directions for Bib:

With MC, CO 41 sts. (if you are altering the pattern, an odd # of stitches must be used for the pattern stitch to work)

Row 1-3, K, (garter stitch)

Tie on or change to CC1, do not cut MC.

Using CC1 K the next 2 rows (Row 4-5)

Change to MC, do not cut CC1, and BEGIN PATTERN STITCH on Row 1 of Pattern Stitch (this will be your 6th row)

Repeat Pattern Stitch six (6) more times.

Change to MC, (you are now on Row 62, garter rib 31 if you are counting!), K

Buttonhole Rows: (This is a 2 stitch buttonhole. It is made by binding off 2 stitches on the first row, then casting on 2 stitches over the bound off stitches in the next row. A third row using a special technique finishes off the buttonhole.)

Row 63, K 6 st (when you BO, you need to knit to the 6th st so that there will be 4 sts left on the edge of the bib when you do the bind off), BO 2 st, (be sure to pull the last cast off stitch TIGHT) K to the last 5 sts, BO 2 st, K to the end. (Note: There should be 4 stitches on the bib edge side of each buttonhole.

Row 64, K 4, turn and CO 2 sts using the cable cast on method, turn and K to the cast off stitches at the other end of the work (4 stitches from the end), turn and CO 2 sts using the cable method, turn and knit to the end.

Row 35, K, pick up the loose thread at the start of each buttonhole, work the next stitch and then pass the picked-up stitch over the worked stitch so that you don©t increase the number of stitches. Pull the working yarn firmly after ©passing over© to prevent any loops forming.

Row 66, K

BO. You will be binding off from the wrong side of the work. Weave in ends, either horizontally or diagonally across the wrong side of the bib.

Directions for Double I-Cord Straps:

CO 4 sts. K two 9© i-cords for the straps. (I like to knit them both at the same time. You will need to use two different strands of yarn, one from the inside of the skein, one from the outside of the skein. This way, both i-cords will be the same length.) Weave in ends. I like to use a tapestry needle and thread/hide the ends of the i-cord up inside the length of the i-cord.

You will make each cord separately, the desired length.


For the double straps: Slip the finished end of the i-cord through one buttonhole from the wrong side of the work to the rightblt side of the work. Tie a loose overhand knot at the end of each i-cord strap. Pull the strap so that the knot on the right side of the bib is snug against the bib. Do the same thing on the other side of the bib.