Tote Bag Pattern

Tote Bag Pattern
Tote Bag Pattern

Knitting Patterns - Tote Bag

Materials Required: Heavy rug yarn, 4 - 70 yd. skeins Black (Main Color, MC) or color of choice; 1 - 70 yd. skein each Green, Lilac and Watermelon (Contrasting Color, CC); 1 Pr. Knitting Needles No. 8 or any size needles which will result in stitch gauge given below; 1/2 yd. lining; 1/2 yard buckram.

Gauge: 4 sts = 1 inch


1st row: With MC K 1, drop MC, keep yarn not being used to back of work, * with a CC K 3, with MC K 1, repeat from * across row.

2nd row: With MC K 1 keep yarn not being used to front of work, * with CC sl 1, P 1, sl 1, with MC K 1, repeat from * across row, cut CC.

3rd row: With MC K 2, * sl 1, K 3, repeat from * across row ending last repeat with K 2.

4th row: K 1 * p 3, K 1 repeat from * across row.

5th to 8th rows: K across each row. Repeat these 8 rows for pattern.

Bag: (Make 2.) With Black cast on 49 sts, K 2 rows: Start Pattern working in following color scheme: * 1st color stripe Green, next Lilac and next Watermelon. Repeat from * twice; then work 1 more stripe in Green. Complete pattern. Bind off.

Finishing: Block both sections. Having wrong sides of bag facing, with Black sew 2 long and 1 short edge together.

Lining: Cut 2 sections of material 1/2 inch larger than bag. Cut 2 sections buckram same size as bag. Sew the 2 lining sections together along 2 long and 1 short edge. Place in bag, insert buckram sections, turn under a 1/4 inch hem and sew lining to upper edge of bag.

Handle and Trim: Cut six 90 inch lengths of each color. Tie one end of lengths together. Divide evenly in 3rds. Braid tightly keeping braid flat. Tie other end to form tassel. Starting at lower right corner of bag sew braid along side edge to top of bag, skip 22 inches of braid for handle, sew braid to other side of bag allowing for tassel as illustrated above.