Child's Socks Jacquard

Child's Socks Jacquard
Child's Socks Jacquard

Free Knitting Patterns - Basic Child's Pattern for Regia Jacquard

This colorful knitted sock pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Leah of Leah's Socknitting Page For more delightful patterns like this, click here to visit Leah's design gallery.

Copyright ©Leah's Socknitting Page. All Rights Reserved

This will fit an average sized 6-8 year old. Size 1-3 Simply adjust the inches from heel to toe decreases to fit the child you are knitting for.

Materials: Size 2 circular needles; 1 skein Regia Jacquard Sock Yarn.

Abbreviations: SSK: Slip the next 2 stitches purlwise, insert left needle into stitches Knitwise, and knit these 2 stitches together; Stst: stockinette stitch, knit every stitch. Sll: Slip one stitch purlwise; Tog: together; PM: place marker; Sm: slip marker.

Note: This isn't a pattern as much as sizing and directions for making a child's size sock with Regia Jacquard Yarn. And an attempt to explain how I knit on one 12" circular needle.

Pattern: Cast on 52 stitches do not connect stitches, turn, K2, P2 to end, turn,

Now connect your stitches to form a circle. This method makes it easier to get the first row around the needles. R:1-12 Rows of K2, P2 R:13 Continue knitting around in stst for five inches. Making the Heel: Knit 26 sts, turn Sl1, p across these 26 sts Sl1, k1, p1 across

Repeat these two rows for 2 inches Turning the heel: P 14 , P2 tog, P1, turn Sl1, k5, ssk, k1, turn Sl1, p6, p2 tog, p1,turn Sl1, k7, ssk, k1, turn

Continue until all the heel sts have been worked. Ending on a knit row Pick up and knit 12 sts for the instep, pm, k 26 sts, pick up and knit 12 sts on left side of sock, pm. You should have 38 sts around the back of the needle for the heel and foot of the socks, and 26 for the top of the sock. Knit around to first marker, slip marker, knit 26 sts to second marker. Now you are set up to begin your instep decreases Slip marker, k1, ssk, k around to 3sts from next marker, k2 tog, k1,k26 K around Repeat these two rows until you have 26 sts left on the back of the needle. K around until you have 7" After left hand marker, k1, ssk, k to three sts from next marker, k2 tog, k1, sm, knit 26, sm, k around Sm, k1, ssk, k to three sts from next marker, k2 tog, k1 Repeat this last row until you have 10 sts left, ( I usually switch to dpns when the sts get too tight going around the needle.) Kitchner these ten sts. This makes a nice round toe. Weave in ends and WALA! I hope this pattern is understandable. If not, or you find any problems please email me at

For more delightful patterns like this, click here to visit Leah's design gallery.



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