Pocket Tissue Holder

Pocket Tissue Holder
Pocket Tissue Holder

Free Knitting Patterns - Pocket Tissue Holder

Materials: Holder takes small amounts of colors A and B 3-ply sport yarn. Use knitting needles size 5 and steel crochet hook size one.

Abbreviations: p (purl) sl (slip) sc (single crochet) st (stitch) k (knit).

Gauge: 6 Sts equal 1 inch


With A, cast on 30 sts, drop A, join B and work as follows:

Row 1: With B, * sl 1 purlwise, k 2, repeat from * across.

Row 2: With B, k each st.

Row 3: With A, * k 2, sl 1 purlwise, repeat from * across.

Row 4: With A, k each St.

Repeat these 4 rows until piece measures 6 1/2 inches, end with A, bind off.

With A, work 2 rows sc (ease in slightly) across each end of piece, fasten off.

Fold over each end to meet in center and sew side seams together on inside. Turn piece to right side and steam press.