Knitted Heart

Knitted Heart
Knitted Heart Pattern


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Free Knitting Pattern - Knitted Heart

This lovely knitting pattern was kindly contributed by designer Stephanie Spencer. Please contact Stephanie with any questions regarding this pattern.

Copyright 2005 Stephanie Spencer. All rights reserved.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials Needed: Size 6 needles; scissors; 1 stitch holder or safety pin; yarn of any color.


Pattern Instructions:

Cast on 2 stitches. Row 1: P2 Row 2: K2 Row 3: P1, YO, P1 ( 3 sts ) Row 4: K3 Row 5: P1, YO, knit to last stitch, YO, P1. ( 4 sts ) Row 6: Knit 4 Continue to knit this way until there are 20 stitches on the knitting needle.

Decreasing: First side of heart Put 10 stitches on stitch holder or safety pin, and then with the other 10 stitches allready on the needle, knit across. Row 2: Purl across Row 3: Knit across Row 4: P1, P2tog. Purl until you reach the last 3 stitches. P2, P2tog, P1. ( 6 stitches ) Row 7: Knit Row 8: P1, P2tog, P2tog, P1. ( 4 stitches ) Row 9: Knit Row 10: K2tog, K2tog,

Bind off last 2 stitches on the needle. Cut yarn. Take the 10 stitches off the stitch holder or safety pin and repeat as for first side of heart.