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Baby Boots
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Fleisher Yarn Co. 1946 Fleischer Fashions, Volume 75

Size: 6 Months Materials: Fleisher's Baby Zephyr, 4-fold, 1 ball; White knitting Needles, 1 pair Size 1. Gauge: 15 sts = 2 inches; 15 ridges = 2 inches

Pattern: Cast on 34 sts.

First row: (wrong side)-K 22. 2nd row: Turn, k 10. 3rd row: Turn, k 10. Continue to work garter st (k every row) back and forth on these 10 sts for instep, until there are 14 ridges (29 rows), end on wrong side. Break yarn.

Foot: Join yarn, k the 12 sts on left hand needle.

Next row: K 12 sts, pick up and k 1 st in each of the 14 ridges on edge of instep, k 10 instep sts, pick up and k 14 sts on other edge of instep, k remaining 12 sts (62 sts). Work 1 � ins. (about 9 ridges).

First dec. row: K 2 tog, k 27, k 2 tog twice, k 27, k 2 tog (58 sts). K 1 row.

2nd dec. row: K 2 tog, k 25, k 2 tog twice, k 25, k 2 tog (54 sts). K 1 row.

3rd dec. row: K 2 tog, k 23, k 2 tog twice, k 23, k 2 tog (50 sts). Bind off.

Straps: Cast on 32 sts. K 2 rows.

3rd row: K 2, yo (buttonhole), k 2 tog, k to end. K 1 row. Bind off. Make 2nd strap, working buttonhole at end of row.

Steam, and sew back seam. Sew 12 center sts of cast-on edge of strap to 12 cast-on sts at center back. Sew on other strap to button on opposite side.



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