Toddler's Knit Slippers

Toddler's Knit Slippers
Toddler Knitting Pattern



Free Knitting Patterns - Toddler's Slippers

Materials: Two 50 gram balls of White and 1 Turquoise (T) or (accent color of choice); No. 7 (6) knitting needles.

Tension: 5 sts. to 1 inch.

Measurements: Back of heel to toe: 5 in.


P.u.k. = Pick up loop lying before

s.k.p.o. = Slip1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over

w.r.n. = Wool round needle

To Make:

With (T) cast on 39 sts. and knit 1 row.

Now work in patt.

1st row: K.1, s.k.p.o., * k 9, sl.2,

k.1, p.s.s.o., rep. from * ending k 9, k 2 tog., k.1.

2nd row: K.1, * p.1, k.4, (k.1, w.r.n., k.1) all into next st., k.4, rep. from * to last 2 sts., p. 1, k. 1. Change to White.

3rd and 4th rows: As 1st and 2nd rows. Repeat these 4 rows once again then repeat rows 1 and 2. Change to white and knit 1 row. Work 5 rows k. 1, p. 1, rib. K. 1 row.

Begin shaping.

1st row: K. 19, p,u.k., k.1, p.u.k., k.19.

2nd and alternate rows: Knit.

3rd row: K. 19, p.u.k., k.3, p.u.k., k.19.

5th row: K. 19, p.u.k., k.5, p.u.k., k.19. Continue to work in this way until 11 sts. are worked at center for toe. Now work 10 rows in garter stitch.

Dec. 1 st. at each end of next 2 rows. Cast off. Press.

Join back and foot seam. Make another slipper to match.