Tote Bag

Tote Bag
Tote Bag

Free Knitting Patterns - Tote Bag

Materials: Two 50 gram balls of Double Knitting Wool in Yellow, gold and orange; (or colors of your choice); No. 9 (4) knitting needles; 4 brass rings; lining material to match.

This is a two row pattern and one for which you can change the color on every two rows, so odd balls will make a very cheerful bag, and cost you nothing.

Tension: 6 sts. and 8 rows to 1 inch over pattern.

Measurements: Width: 12 in., Depth: 15 in.

Note: w.r.n. = wool round needle

Instruction: With Yellow, cast on 72 sts. and work for 2 in. in garter stitch. Now begin pattern.

1st row: (Wrong side) Purl.

2nd row: K.2, * w.r.n., k.3, pass first of 3 knit sts. over 2nd and 3rd sts., rep. from * to last st. k.1. Change to gold.

3rd row: Purl.

4th row: K. 1, * k.3, pass first of 3 knit sts. over 2nd and 3rd sts., w.r.n., rep. from * to last 2 sts., k.2. Change to orange and repeat pattern, using each color in turn for 2 rows. Continue until piece measures 30 ins., ending with yellow. Now work a further 2 ins. in garter stitch and Cast off.

To Make Up: Press piece on wrong side lightly. Cut lining material to match, less the 2 ins. of garter stitch at each end. Fold lining in half and join both long sides, leaving one narrow end open. Join seams of knitted piece in same way. Insert lining and turn the 2 ins. of garter stitch inside over the edge of lining and sew neatly into place. Make a thick twisted cord 72 inches long. Sew two brass rings to each side of top about 2 ins. from each end. Thread cord through rings and tie in a knot to form double handle.