Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl
Prayer Shawl

Free Knitting Pattern - Prayer Shawl

This lovely knit prayer shawl pattern was kindly contributed by designer Amanda Steves of Amandas Happy Hearth. Please email Amanda with any questions regarding this pattern. © Amanda Steves

Please do not alter or redistribute this document or use it for commercial purposes.

Super simple garter stitch makes this shawl a fast, easy knit that's perfect when the need arises. Large-sized needles and skinny yarn give a fabulous drape when worn. The yarn used in the picture is crimped sportweight with lots of slubs, which makes it very huggable. It's also a machine-washable and dryable wool blend, to make life easier for the recipient.

Finished Measurements: at least 5-1/2 feet long by about 2 - 3 feet wide

Materials: Approx. 1200 yards light weight yarn, such as sport, DK, or mohair; US 10 / 6.0 mm long or circular needles.

Gauge: 20 st = 4 to 5 inches in garter st

Pattern Notes: Garter St – knit every stitch, on both the right side and the wrong side.

Cable Cast-On – provides a neat-looking edge. Cast-on the first two stitches in the standard way, and for each of the remaining stitches, insert the right needle between the top two stitches already cast-onto the left needle, instead of into the top cast-on stitch. Your right needle will be inserted from the front of the work straight through to the back. Wrap the yarn over the right needle tip and proceed as if knitting a regular stitch, taking the loop created on the right needle, over to the left needle.

Directions: Cable cast-on 108 st. Regular casting-on is okay too.

Work in garter stitch until work measures at least 5-1/2 feet long. Bind off. Work in ends.

The Blessing: This can be done however you are most comfortable. You can say a little prayer for the recipient with every stitch, or with every 3 or 4 stitches. Alternatively, you can hold good thoughts for the recipient while you knit. Some folks bring finished prayer shawls to their church for blessing by the minister. The important thing is to do something nice for someone who needs comfort--that's a blessing all by itself.


When the prayer shawl is sent or brought to the recipient, a tag or card is a nice way to communicate the background of the gift. Here–s one that I found online, with slight modifications:

Knitted by hand with prayers of hope and love,

This shawl is a gift to you.

May it bring blessings of comfort, gifts of warmth,

And the knowledge that you are loved.