Knit Pompom Instruction

Knit Pompom Instruction
Knit Pompom Instruction

Knitting Pattern - Pompom Instruction

Note: Pompom makers may be purchased in most needlework supply stores; however, if you choose to make your own, here are the instructions.


1. Cut two cardboard circles the size you wish the finished pompom to be, then cut a small hole about the size of a dime in the center of each one.

2. Measure off approximately 6 strands of yarn, 2 yards long; hold the two cardboard discs together in your left hand and wind the strands of yarn through the hole and around the rim as shown below. The quantity of yarn used will determine the fullness of the pompom.

3. Insert sharp scissors carefully between the two cardboard discs and cut the yarn all around.

4. Separate the discs slightly, take a strand of yarn 12 inches long and wind around the cut strands (between the discs) twice and tie tightly.

5. Remove the discs and trim any stray ends.