Bunny Hanger

Bunny Hanger
Bunny Hanger

Knitting Pattern - Knit Bunny Hanger

Size: 12" long.

Materials: Knitting worsted, 1 oz. pink; Knitting needles No. 6.; Pink-covered wire hanger; Felt, 1/4 yd. white, scrap of pink; Stuffing; Pink embroidery floss; Wiggle eyes or buttons.

Hanger: With yarn, cast on 16 sts. Work in garter st (k each row) until piece is 11" long. Bind off. Insert hanger hook through exact center of cover. Sew bottom edges of cover tog, stuffing cover as you go.

Finishing: Using half-pattern for bunny's head (below), cut 2 heads from white felt (place half-pattern on fold of felt). Cut 4 hands from white felt. Stitch 2 hands tog, stuff; sew into open end of cover. Repeat at other end. Cut 2 pieces of pink felt 1/4" smaller all around than ear. Sew to ears of one head. Cut pink felt triangle 3/4" wide, 1/2" deep for nose; curve points. Sew to face. With pink floss, embroider mouth in chain stitch, beginning at bottom point of nose and curving out each side. Sew on eyes. Stitch 2 heads tog, stuffing as you go. Make a 1/2" horizontal slash in back of head 3/4" above bottom point of chin; slash again 1 1/2" above (between ears, about 1/2" from center top of head). Insert hook through holes. Sew lower slash to knitted cover.

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