Tree Skirt

Tree Skirt
Tree Skirt

Free Christmas Knitting Pattern - Tree Skirt

This is an easy to knit tree skirt pattern. When completed add some miniature Christmas decorations to it for a more festive look. It is made in 18 triangular wedges to form a circle.

Materials: 12 oz. 4-ply white yarn; 1 pair #6 knitting needles (14" long)

Finished size: 40" diameter, including the fringe


Cast on 60 sts.

Row 1: K even.

Row 2: K 57 sts, turn.

Row 3: K to end of row (outside edge).

Rows 4-39: Repeat rows 2 and 3, knitting 3 sts less each time on the even rows until 3 sts are left at the outside edge. Turn, k to outside edge.

Rows 40-41: K 60. This makes one wedge.

Repeat rows 2-41 eighteen times so you have 18 wedges to make a circle. When the last wedge is finished, k 4 rows even. Then bind off.

Fringe: Cut 390-13" strands of white yarn. With the crochet hook, make knots of 3 strands every other row around the skirt for fringe.