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Here you will find many how-to ebooks to download. All types of crafts and other resources to get you started in whatever your interest may be.

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Impress your friends with Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces. Click Here to get Lana Glass's "How To Make Candy Bouquets For Fun & Profit."

Start Your Own Jewelry Party Business. Start Your Own Home Based Jewelry Business With This Easy Step-by-step Guide!

Easy Face Painting: Step-By Step Guide Makes Face Painting So Easy Even Non-Creative Types Can Look Like Pros.

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous RUBY McKIM Book Plus a Bonus of 105 Vintage Patterns.

Vintage Crochet Pattern Collection! 317 One-of-a-kind Vintage Crochet Patterns That Are Over 100 Years Old!

The Ultimate Bead Lover's Guide: A Comprehensive Guide To Beading, Covering Techniques and Styles of Beading with Loads of Clear Illustrations.

The Complete Christmas Collection Christmas Recipes, Crafts and Kids Activities.

Make Candy Wrappers For Fun or Profit: Candy Wrapper Software for the Rest of Us.

Quilling Magic: Quilling Paper Crafts Volumes 1,2 and 3. Quilling Patterns Galore! Huge Market - Paper Craft Enthusiasts.

The Complete Bead Guide: The Complete Bead Guide answers all your questions about Beads and is the idea Ebook for Beginners & Experienced Bead Lovers!

Knitting Essentials: Discover the secret that will have you Knitting Brilliant, Timeless Designs in no time at all!

Crochet: This Product Provides Complete Instructions for Learning the Beautiful Art Of Crocheting.

Starting A Catering Business: Are You Passionate about Parties? Do You Live To Cook? Now You Can Realize Your Dream by Starting A Catering Business!

Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth: Secrets of Selling Handcrafted Jewelry Like Crazy at Shows, Fairs, and Festivals.

Arts & Crafts & Projects: All types of Wonderful Crafts, from Homemade Soaps to Crochet and Cooking.

How To Start Your Own Quilt Shop: Comprehensive Business Guide Shows you How to Start, Run and Market a Successful Quilt Shop.

Home Crafts Work-At-Home Catalog 2007: Make Arts & Crafts in the Comfort of your Own Home and EARN $$$. It's Fun, it's Easy and it's Very Profitable.

Scrapbooking Titles, Phrases, Captions, Quotes, Sayings, and Ideas: Thousands of Fun Scrapbooking Titles, Phrases, etc. Many Free Sample Downloads Too!

Craft Show Success Secrets: Learn to Make Money at Craft Shows, Bazaars, Craft Fairs and more.

Living ON a Dime - Financial Independence Through Better Life Choices: This book is about Paying Off Debt, Saving Money, Frugal Cooking and Homemaking.

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