Painting Lesson 5

Painting Lesson 5
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Basic Brush Stroke Techniques - Practice Lesson V

Using the No. 10 square shader, load it fully with the thinned opaque stain. As you lift your brush, hold it even with the tile to make a nice flat edge. Do the first vertical row, holding the brush perpendicular, lowering it onto the paper, draw toward yourself, lift.

Practice on newsprint first if you wish. The short strokes are made in the same manner. Turn your book, do those along the tip of the page, drawing your brush towards yourself. These patterns may be combined in many ways to make brick work or basket leaves and plaids.

The next control stroke is the "C" stroke. Hold the brush as in the first vertical strokes. Lower it at the tip of the first "C". Move the brush sideways to the left, down, to the right, lift. Do not pivot the brush in your fingers. Use it fiat side to the paper all the time.

Practice forward "C's" and backward "C's". Join the two "C's'' making an "S". Make it taller with not so much swing--more like a banner. Make the "S" stroke broken, so it is really two "C's" not connected. These may all be practiced in your sketch book to gain more control.


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