Painting Lesson 6

Painting Lesson 6
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Basic Brush Stroke Techniques - Practice Lesson VI

Square shader should be loaded fully. Hold the brush so the fiat side is perpendicular to your body. Lower the brush and pivot it in your fingers so that the outer edge marks a "C" on the page, but the inner edge has remained stationary. Practice the second row, turning the opposite direction. Then try the complete circles. Practice, practice, practice!

A word here about loading your brush for this stroke especially, and also for the "C" and "S" strokes. You may load the shader completely with color--say medium green--then dip the outer corner into a darker green or black. Then your figure will be outlined with a darker color, or shaded by the paint mixing in your brush as you use it. Or you may load your clean brush only on one side drawing the color down on your tile and working it in until it is fully loaded on one side and the color extends only about half way across your brush. Then make your strokes and you have a beautiful shaded effect.


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