Painting Lesson 7

Painting Lesson 7
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Basic Brush Stroke Techniques - Practice Lesson VII

By loading your shader and shaping it with a nice fiat edge as you lift it you can draw it sideways, or toward yourself, if you turn it, to make nice slender stems.

To make small leaves with the shader, place the brush down, draw it diagonally a short way and lift. The corners of the brush have made the leaf tips.

To make the zigzag designs, you have a combination of draw toward you, move sideways, lift--or continue on down the stair steps.

For the circular design, load the brush from one corner only (as described earlier). Draw the design with the � dark corner and the brush will do the rest. You can also print numerals, letters, tree branches and twigs with your shader if you shape it fiat as you lift it from the paint.


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