Painting Lesson 8

Painting Lesson 8
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Free Painting Instructions - Basic Brush Stroke Techniques

Practice Lesson VIII - This is the final lesson

Print the tree stems and branches of the trees with a down-up movement and move on. The ground on the first tree has the shader moving down toward you in short strokes. The second tree finds the square shader moving to the side. Load the silk sponge with a medium green. Sponge in the leaves in the areas between the branches and over the top of some of the branches. Leave it lacy. Load the brush lightly with darker green and touch the lower edges of the branches for the shaded effect.

Double load your brush with two greens or green paint and black paint. Practice leaves as shown, making the outer edge the darker shade. The leaf vein may be made with a sideways stroke of the shader and the tiny veins may be shader prints. You may choose to add them with your liner brush later.

The chain or basket twist is made with a backward "S" stroke, overlapping half way each time. Practice this in your sketchbook.

Sponge the area of the flower on a yellow or red. Make the green leaf prints with the diagonal stroke of the shader, stem with a sideways stroke. Add detail with the liner with deep brown or black.


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