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Face Painting
Face Painting

Free Painting Instruction - Basic Brush Stroke Instruction

Free basic brush stroke techniques for Tole, canvas, rosemale painting. Easy step by step tutorial.

Here is a good list of brushes to buy.

Get yourself bristle brushes that are sizes 2, 4, 8, and 12.

If you only work on very small paintings, you can do without a number 12 brush and instead get a number 0 brush.

Buy more than one of each size ( two number 2's and 2 number 4's etc.) because it will be easier to keep your colors clean.

You will want to use different brushes for painting dark colors and light colors. And if you have two brushes of the same size, you can use one for dark colors, and one for light colors.

You can pick the shape for yourself, but If you are not sure, buy filberts. These brushes are the most flexible as they combine the stroke of a round and flat brush.

This tutorial has been prepared to give you assistance in learning to control a brush to do creative work.

Brush control is a thing learned by practice. Not just making a few lines--but making many, many lines and many C's, O's and S's.

Much Practice Time Is Required

These techniques have been applied in watercolor, acrylics, oil and ceramic stains. They are the basics needed for toleware and rosemaling and all other designs. The black and green colors mentioned here are ceramic opaque stains which are water soluble. They can be purchased in half ounce or two ounce jars at your ceramic studio. They are available in a wide range of colors and are very versatile.

Acrylic Paint in tubes could also be used. Be sure it is thinned enough to flow freely from the brush. There is no controlling a brush that is stuck down to the piece because the paint is too thick or has run out.

Practice is the most important part of accomplishing a task.

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