Patriotic Birdhouse

Patriotic Birdhouse
Patriotic Birdhouse
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This is a fun Patriotic Craft Project even the birds will love!


6" wood birdhouse

Craft Paints in Barn Red, Blueberry & White

Foam brush


1 - 4 pack of white, iron on stars.


1. With paint brush and red paint, paint every other wood stripe on front of bird house. To make straight lines you can draw with a ruler and pencil before painting if needed. Paint front eave of roof same color. Allow to dry completely.

2. With paint brush and blue paint, paint opening of frame as show in photo above. Paint top of roof same. Allow to dry.

3. With brush and white paint, paint stripes between red stripes on front of birdhouse. Paint top front of birdhouse above stripes and small peg in front of star hole white.


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Jenny Newman is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys creating new projects, patterns, and activities and crafting meaningful home-made treasures.  Her signature crafting style is simple, affordable and fun!  We hope you enjoy Jenny's crafts and patterns as much as we do.