Patriotic Purse

Patriotic Purse
Patriotic Purse

Free Patriotic Craft Projects - Patriotic Purse

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What you need: 1 square denim purse (You may purchase the purse at a craft supply or department store, or you may sew one yourself). The new metallic denim gives a nice effect. The purse used for this project was purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics for under 3 dollars; Variety, iron on patriotic patches of choice. ( We used a 4 pack of white stars and one small USA patch for this project but any design you select will work; 1 yard Patriotic Ribbon® 1and 1/2" wide with any patriotic design on it; Fabric glue; Fabric paint in white and red for handle stripes; 1 #4 flat paint brush.

What to do:

1. With #4 paint brush and white paint, paint stripes 1/2 inch apart on both sides of both purse handles and allow to dry completely. Repeat this process with red paint, painting stripes in between each white stripe. Allow to dry.

2. Position your selected patriotic patches in the design arrangement you like and glue in place or iron on following directions on patch package.

3. Measure your ribbon and pin around to of purse opening, trim ends and glue or sew ribbon in place.

These purses make wonderful gifts for little girls and teens.

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