Patriotic Watering Can

Patriotic Watering Can
Watering Can


Free Patriotic Craft Projects - Watering Can

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What you need: 1-Autumn Accents® terra cotta watering can (planter) with embossed floral designs; 8-10 Garden Gate Designs® (red, white and blue floral sprigs) or similar flowers; Acrylic paints in white, red and blue; "Best Value" organdy ribbon in red and white (2 feet each color 7/8" wide; 1 mall flat tipped (#4) and 1 small round tipped (#1) paint brushes.

What to do:

1. With # 4 flat and blue paint, paint the base strip at bottom of terra cotta watering can. Paint the wide strip on top and below uppermost flowers all the way around. Paint the band around spout as shown in photo above. Allow to dry.

2. Paint tip of watering spout with #4 brush and red paint. Allow to dry.

3. With white paint and round #2 brush paint every other petal on the daisy flowers all around pot. With same brush and red paint, paint all other petals and center of flowers. Allow to dry.

4. With #2 round brush and blue paint, paint the stem and flower petal outlines. Allow to dry. Use photo above for painting guidance.

5. Tie a bow around handle by combining the two colors of ribbon and tying to top of handle, then making a bow.

6. Arrange the floral sprigs as desired in planter center as shown above.

This project makes a lovely centerpiece for patriotic holidays or general Americana Decor.

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