Metal Punch

Metal Punch
Metal Punch

Metal Punch Instruction

Instructions: How to punch:

1. Choose the pattern you wish to punch from the pattern menu at the bottom of this page. The large dots indicate where large holes should be punched and the small dots indicate where small holes should be punched.

2. Trace-place a thin sheet of paper over the design and trace it. This will preserve the pattern.

3. Tape-tape the traced design to the metal surface you wish to punch-securing with masking tape. Place the metal on cardboard or a stack of newspapers.

4. Punch-select the nail size depending on the size of holes your pattern requires. The force with which you hit the nail will affect hole size. Punching just the point of a larger nail into the metal will make a smaller hole than punching the nail all the way through the metal. Just try to be consistent with the force you use. You want the holes to be uniform.

5. Remove pattern from metal when all holes are punched. You are now ready to stain (if you wish an antique look).

How to stain:

1. You may want to put a thinned down oil paint stain on the metal. This will darken the holes and make them show up better.

2. Make a stain of Turpentine or paint thinner combined with a dark oil paint.

3. Brush the stain onto the surface with a paint brush or cotton cloth. The brush will leave more paint in the holes.

4. Wipe off the surface lightly. You may wish to leave more stain around the edges of the metal to give the picture depth, or you may wipe all stain off, leaving only the holes darkened.

5. Let dry before handling for framing or finishing.

Materials Needed:

Here are a variety of materials you will need for different projects. You do not need all of these materials at once. Purchase only what you will need for the project you are presently working on.

Metal for projects:

Copper Tooling Foil 36 gauge

Aluminum Tooling Foil 36 gauge

Brass Tooling Foil 36 gauge

Tin plates and discs

Small pie pans 4 1/4" X 1"

Aluminum dipper

Brass buckets - graduated sizes

Brass watering can

Copper recipe box

Memo board

"Flashing", which can be found in metal shops, or home improvement centers.

Staining materials: Brass, copper, tin and aluminum have a bright sheen. To give an "antique" look the following items may be helpful:

Oil paint - black or gray; Turpentine to thin paint; Cotton cloth; Paper towels;

Punching materials: Hammer; Nails of various sizes for large and small holes; Cardboard-several thicknesses or Newspaper-thick stack.

Finishing materials:

Heavy scissors or metal shears Masking tape Craft ribbon, small wreath, glue, frames (all optional) Embroidery floss (optional) Tapestry Needles Perforated paper pattern menu