Diagonal Strips

Diagonal Strips
Diagonal Strips

Free Quilting Patterns - Diagonal Strips

This lovely quilt project was kindly contributed by designer Maria Michaels of Maria Michaels Designs. To view more of Maria's designs, click here to visit her gallery.

© 2002 Maria Michaels Designs. All Rights Reserved

Directions: 1. Choose the size of the finished rectangle you wish to make. 2. Add an extra inch to the width and length and cut out a piece of backing fabric and quilt batting to this size. 3. Layer the two by placing the backing fabric right side down and the batting on top of it. Use just a few safety pins to hold them together. Remove them as necessary when sewing. 4. Use a marking pen to draw a line down the length of the rectangle, or mark it by sewing a basting stitch. This line can be centered or off center as it is above. 5. Use a quilting ruler to mark a line on a 45° on both sides of the first marked line. 6. Your strips can be of various widths, or all the same width, as you prefer. You can randomly choose one at a time from your strip stash or plan a color pattern. Use the flip and sew method to apply the strips. Because you are sewing through all three layers you will be quilting as you go. Place the raw edges of your first strip on either diagonal line, leaving a large enough extension on both ends for cutting to size. Sew it with a 1/4 inch seam. Flip the strip and either finger press or iron it. 6. Place the raw edge of the second strip along the raw edge of the first and sew it.

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7. Continue sewing and pressing strips until you have filled in this portion of the quilt. 8. Go back to the first strip you sewed, and repeat for the other portion. 9. Either use your scissors to cut the excess fabric along the horizontal line and the three sides, or fold the quilt back on the horizontal line and use a rotary cutter to trim it and the sides. 10. Repeat steps 6 to 9 for the remaining side of the quilt. 11. Take a decorative ribbon or a 1 inch wide strip of binding and center it over the horizontal line where the raw edges of the diagonal strips meet. Sew along both sides with either a straight stitch or a decorative one. 12. Sew on a binding.

To view more of Maria's designs, click here to visit her gallery.