Quilting Patterns - Hearts Patterns

This lovely quilt project was kindly contributed by designer Maria Michaels of Maria Michaels Designs. To view more of Maria's designs, click here to visit her gallery.

© 2002 Maria Michaels Designs. All Rights Reserved

Supplies: Gridded Fusible Interfacing in 2" or 1 1/2" or 1" sized grids When sewn: - the 2" grids reduce to 1 1/2" squares. - the 1 1/2" grids reduce to 1" squares. - the 1" grids reduce to 1/2" squares.

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Fabric Squares cut into one of the above sizes to match the size of your grids

Finished Sizes:

The 2" grid interfacing will create a 16 1/2" square block. The 1 1/2" grid interfacing will create an 11" square block. The 1" grid interfacing will create a 5 1/2" square block.

Directions: Note: *Fabric squares are placed on the fusible side of the interfacing - the rough, pebbly side. *Do not press/fuse the squares until the design is complete.

1. If you choose to make the heart with the border, you can create it by cutting either strips or squares. For strips, cut fabric the width of the square you are using. For example, if you are working with 2" squares, cut your strips 2" wide.

2. Place your fabric squares (and strips) on the fusible side of the interfacing starting with the heart squares.

3. Place the background squares around the heart (and your strips along the outside rows).

4. Play with the pieces by moving them around until you achieve an effect which pleases you. - Remember, you can also leave a square in place and just turn it clockwise until you achieve the best effect with it.

5. Once your design is complete, leave it. Go and do something else for a half hour or so, then return to it with a fresh eye. You may find it perfectly to your satisfaction or you may realize that changes are necessary.

6.When you are satisfied, place the interfacing on an old towel or a Teflon pressing sheet. Follow the manufacturer's directions to press and fuse your squares in place.

Sewing Instructions: Your seams will be 1/4" in width.

1. Fold your work, right sides together along a vertical grid line. Sew a line 1/4" from the folded edge. Press the seam flat, then to one side. Check to see that all of your raw edges were caught in your seam. Repeat for all remaining vertical seams.

2. Repeat step 1 for all of the horizontal seams.

3. On the back/wrong side, carefully clip the folded seams to the stitch line at every intersection, so that you can press the horizontal seams in opposite directions. This will help to avoid bulkiness.

4. Press the horizontal seams in opposite directions.

5. From the wrong side, sew a line 1/8" inside the raw edges, making sure that the seams are all going in the right directions.

6. Give your block a final pressing.

To view more of Maria's designs, click here to visit her gallery.