Patchwork Curtains

Patchwork Curtains
Patchwork Curtains

Quilting Patterns - Patchwork Curtains

If you're after a quick and easy project with big impact and little effort-this curtain is a natural. Fabrics are arranged in a pleasing random style, such as that used in old-fashioned crazy quilting.

Materials: Assorted print fabrics; One sheet or fabric for backing; Metal grommets (optional).

206 Patchwork Quilt Patterns: The Famous Ruby McKim Book Plus A Bonus Of 105 Vintage Patterns.

Instruction: Measure the size of your doorway or shower, and draw a diagram to scale on which to work out your pattern. Plan the design in vertical strips of varying widths. Next, divide the strips into uneven rectangles. Cut the fabric and piece the strips; then add an appliqué heart or two, and sew the strips together into a curtain. Cut and piece fabric for a backing the same size as the curtain. Place the two right sides together and sew, leaving an opening for turning. Turn and stitch the opening closed. Add fabric loops at the top for hanging or metal grommets for hooks.



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